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Originally from Scotland, I now get to call the lovely, sunny Malaga in southern Spain home. I’m a mum-of-one to an energetic (to say the least), warrior-princess, toddler daughter and wife to a heavy metal-loving, TV-junkie, Spanish husband.

I started this blog in March 2020, one month before turning 30 – eek! – in something of a late quarter-life crisis after feeling a bit stagnant in my day job as a self-employed translator and bored to tears watching repeats of Paw Patrol.

I needed something for me, beyond work. My own space.

Somewhere I could write down my thoughts, vent and muddle through the challenges of parenting and life in general.

I love travelling and going on trips to new places. Reading, creative writing, painting and drawing, listening to music and playing piano, and watching too much football are some more of my passions. I’m trying to find more time these days to enjoy them as having a baby certainly changes how much free time (and energy) you have!

Despite all the toddler tantrums, exhaustion and trying to balance family life and work, I wouldn’t change anything about my life with my little girl and husband.


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